Things to remember while on a road trips

Road trips are the most common forms of getaway for a long weekend maybe even on a usual weekend. As it is the most casual and ‘easy to hop in’ means of transportation or medium of travel we often don’t put in much though to carry certain things. However, here are a few things you must remember while you are on a road trip.


  • Do not carry large and heavy bags. Preferably carry duffle bags which can be squeezed into any kind of car arrangement. If you are planning to stay overnight somewhere carry something which is easy to keep in a car. Do not carry heavy and large sleep essentials either. Easy to carry backpacks are the best kind of travel luggage.


  • Wear clothes that are loose and breathable. Preferably wear clothes that are dark in colour and won’t show dirt or stain very easily. Wear something you wouldn’t mind being seen in at stops or hotels. Try booking hotels in which there are laundromats so you can wash the clothes you are wearing and re wear them instead of carrying too many clothes. Carry a drawstring laundry bag to store your dirty clothes. Be sure to be weather appropriate. Wear clothes that will suit the weather conditions and be prepared for rainy destination with raincoats and rain covers for your back packs.



  • Carry snacks from home. It would be a wise decision to carry an extra bag with snacks in it. Instead of stopping at every gas station and store on the way. This may result in consuming extra junk than required and also you would be unsure of what you are eating and thus that may result in health issues. Stock up on protein bars and maybe even dried fruits in Tupperware containers to prevent any kind of spill or leak.

  • Music and games are one of the greatest requirements in a road trip. As a road trip requires most of your time in a car you will need different genres of music for the long travel and to keep the energy pumping throughout the trip. Another reason why you may need music is to keep the driver alert and awake. Most often due to the long journey and constant driving, the driver may feel tired and sleepy so music is important to keep his or her energy levels high. Games, well in case there is a flat tire what else can you do while you wait.


  • Navigation is very important. If you are someone who often goes on road trips it would be wise to invest in a GPS system for the car and even a bike. Google maps on your phone will not be as beneficial especially in a place where you are finding it hard to find the network. You do not want to get stuck or lost in a place you haven’t been to before.