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Places to visit in middle east

Due to the stereotypical portrayal of the middle east, most often it is not considered the ideal tourist destination. However, for the travel junkies it is definitely one of the must go to places on their bucket list. It is actually a pretty fun and safe place you might not want to miss the chance to visit in this lifetime. It’s scenic and cultural beauty will leave you awestruck.

1) Amadiya is a lovely village situated in the north of Iraqi Kurdistan, just 10km far from the Turkish border. The village is arranged at the flat top of a mountain and has nothing under 5,000 long periods of history. Many distinctive civilizations and religions have left their footprint, from the Assyrians to the Persians, and in addition a few Jewish and Christian communities. Amadiya is additionally accepted to be the home of the Three Wise Man, who made a pilgrimage to Bethlehem to see Jesus Christ after his birth. Today, Amadiya is a Muslim Kurdish village, encompassed by the most striking mountain scenery in the Middle East.

2) A rocky desert made out of dazzling fiords, cliffs and one of the biggest assortments of wildlife in the Middle East, Musandam (regularly called the Norway of the Middle East) is a bit of territory inside the UAE that has a place with Oman. It’s found north of UAE, anticipating into the Strait of Hormuz. Musandam is an entirely basic goal among expats living in Dubai yet at the same time, the zone stays really immaculate. Along the coast, you discover a few beaches just possessed by the neighborhood Omanis, who jump at the chance to assemble with their families for barbecues amid the weekends. Anticipate that few families will welcome you to go along with them.

3) Dahab is a flawless touristic beach town possessed by Bedouins in the Sinai landmass. Dahab is considered the most backpacking-friendly place in the Middle East. For quite a long time, Dahab has pulled in travelers from everywhere throughout the world for having a portion of the best diving in the country. In Dahab, one wants two things: either scuba diving or doing actually nothing, as it has this laid-back climate that comprises of setting off to the beach, smoking weed and eating at the few local seafood restaurants.

4) Liwa is situated in the south of UAE, beside Saudi Arabian border and on the edge of the Empty Quarter, an enormous desert spread crosswise over UAE, Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia and considered the biggest (consistent) sea of dunes on Earth, whose end can’t be seen from the furthest horizon. Likewise, in Liwa you can locate the main genuine Bedouins in the UAE and the Moreeb ridge, one of the highest dunes in the world measures 300m.

5) Occupying territory in both Israel and Palestine and Jordan, the Dead Sea is the lake with the highest salt density in the world and furthermore, the most reduced point on Earth, 430 meters below sea level. Such is the high concentration of salt that animals and plants can’t live in it, henceforth the name. Swimming in the Dead Sea is absolutely fine and, because of the high density of the water, sinking is relatively unimaginable. I’ve just been to the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea and, along the coast, there are a few hotels and resorts where you can chill on their beaches and have a mud bath.